These are copies of the Achievement Series Tests that I used for Pre and Post Tests, as well as midpoint formative assessment.

My standard is 9-12.P.2.3: Students are able to relate concepts of force, distance, and time to the quantitative relationships of work, energy, and power. I used Achievement Series to create a pre-test. The pre-test included questions over standard 9-12.P.2.3 which I chose from the Achievement Series test bank. I will administer the pre-test before beginning the unit on work, power, and energy. I will then assess the students using the same test midway through the unit, and again at the end of the unit.
This is my pre-test:

This is my post-test:
These are the results:

[As you can see, my students increase an average of 19.17% from pre-test to post-test. Using 21st Century Skills has been very helpful; this is an indication that student achievement increased as a result.]