On this page, the process for examining my eMetric data and determining my need area is listed.

The Process:
1. Look at the eMetric scores in your grade over a period of years, and find a standard that you teach that is traditionally low.
2. Create a pretest in Achievement series finding questions built on that standard
3. Administer that as a pretest, and then duplicate that test and administer formatively throughout the lesson plan to see if students are increasing their achievement level on that standard
4. Infuse two tech lesson plans with that unit
5. Duplicate the achievement series test again to use as a post test
6. Finally when eMetric data is available for the year, We gather the data and compare last year’s eMetric scores to the grant year’s eMetric scores to see if there was an improvement.

My reflection:

I looked at the eMetric scores for West Central 9th for 2008-2009. eMetric The lowest standards were also low at the 11th grade level, which tells me that these standards are not being addressed as well as they need to be from year to year.

The 2008 Science test scores indicate that Standard 9-12.P.2.3 (Students are able to relate concepts of force, distance, and time to the quantitative relationships of work, energy, and power) was among the lowest in the class. I will focus my lesson plans on this standard.