Earth and Space Science Unit

  1. Group work
    1. Group Manager: Assign and monitor activities of group members (this does not mean you do not help with putting together the presentation, just that you are in charge of making sure everything gets done).
    2. Vocabulary Guru
      1. words and definitions
      2. Activities: word search, jumble, context sentences...
    3. Main Ideas Developer
      1. Pre-reading strategies
      2. During reading strategies
      3. Must have at least 3 main ideas with subpoints
      4. Assessment (see below)
    4. Presentation Instructor
      1. Note-taking guide—keynote development, handouts
      2. Discussion guide—talking points, leading questions
  2. Assessment
    1. Student contribution
      1. group generated questions—true/false, completion, short answer, multiple choice
      2. Must include three different types of questions, and a total of at least 10 questions for your topic
    2. Teacher contribution
      1. Fill in the gaps
  3. Teacher involvement
    1. Fill in where gaps occur in all areas

Use this document, , to guide you through putting together your note-taking guide for your classmates.
Use this document, , to determine what vocabulary should be included in your presentation. This should also help guide you in deciding your main points.

Keynote Requirements:

  • At least 10 slides
  • no more than about 30 words to a slide
  • include graphics
  • no videos clips embedded
  • no music

You will be graded based on this rubric

Depending on which topic your team drew, the links below will provide you with information to prepare your presentation:

Earth's History
Earth's Structure
Plate Tectonics
Earth's Atmosphere
Earth's Climate
Water Cycle
Star Life Cycle


April 27/28: Group work, prepare presentation and assessment materials
April 29/May 2: Group work, prepare presentation and assessment materials
May 3/4: Presentations
May 5/6: Presentations
May 9/10: Test