My schedule:

Blue days
8:30-9:55 NovaNet Online Learning Supervision
9:59-11:24 Physical Science
11:29-1:22 lunch and Physical Science
1:26-2:51 Technology Integration
2:54-3:30 SRB

White days
8:30-9:55 Technology Integration
9:59-11:24 Prep
11:29-1:22 lunch and Physical Science
1:26-2:51 Physical Science
2:54-3:30 SRB

Grading Procedures for my classes:

I will be following the grading procedures set forth in the student handbook. I weight my grades, with greater emphasis on quizzes and tests. I do not accept late work, as I think it is important for students to be responsible for keeping up with the assigned work. Students may certainly bring the work in for my review, but in order to receive credit for the work, it MUST be turned in complete and on time.