external image molec_model_2.jpg

The task is to create the following items:
  • Keynote presentation, 10-12 slides in length that includes the following:
    • Multimedia materials (pictures, graphics, graphs, audio, video, etc)
    • Relevant Vocabulary
    • Phase Diagrams for two substances assigned

  • Quiz, 10 questions that adheres to the following guidelines:
    • At least three different types of questions (matching, short answer, multiple choice, problem, etc.) with answer key
    • Submitted to Blackboard Learn as a Pages document, 12 font

  • Review Sheet--much like a note-taking guide you would get from me
    • Pages document
    • Should follow your presentation like your note-taking guide follows my presentation of notes
    • Submitted to the Notes Page on this wikispace prior to your presentation to be made accessible to classmates